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Pushing the profit needle and employee burnout. 

There’s no secret the market is very different to what it was a few months ago, yet alone what it was a year ago.

Are the times of “hypergrowth” businesses behind us? And is the time of “sustainable growth” here to stay?

With interest rates continuing to go up and the number of VC deals still down, the times of “we need to hire 100 people a month for the next 24 months” are gone - at least for now. The only thing that seems to be talked about now is; getting to profitability.

Whilst there’s an importance to being profitable, have we pushed the needle too far?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of folks who have been effected by the current economic climate, but one of the most common reasons we’re seeing candidates leaving secure jobs is burnout. With the profit needle being pushed too far, teams are understaffed, overworked, underpaid for the value they are adding and subsequently leaving for their own mental health.

Is the drive for profitability becoming counter intuitive?


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